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Whole House Water Filter

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every faucet in your house has clean, safe, and great-tasting water. Get cleaner water, improved air quality, softer skin, and even better-tasting food rinsed and cooked with the water from your whole house water filter.

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Whole House Water Filter

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every faucet in your house has clean, safe, and great-tasting water. Get cleaner water, improved air quality, softer skin, and even better-tasting food rinsed and cooked with the water from your whole house water filter.

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You can purchase or rent the Whole House system. After adding to your cart you can choose additional products and accessories.

Both models provide exceptional purification. The FB-1000 is rated for 1-million gallon capacity with an estimated use of 10 years, the FB-300 is rated for 300 thousand gallon capacity with an estimated use of 3 years.

Click on the rent option above and enter your postal code to see if rental service is available for your location.

If rental service is not available at your location the Whole House Water Filtration system is available for purchase.

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Healthy, clean, delicious water 

from every tap in your home. Our high performance water filtration reduces the amount of chlorine and other harmful contaminants commonly found in your tap water.


Improved Air Quality

By removing chlorine from tap water you will have a peace of mind knowing your air is chlorine and chemical free from harsh chemicals that become vaporized during bathing, showering and cooking. 


Notice fuller, softer, more hydrated

skin and hair when bathing and showering with water that is chlorine and contaminant free. Our filters enhance the pH balance of your water making you feel and look healthy all over! 


Awaken your taste buds 

and enjoy the difference cooking with clean water makes! Your food will have stronger flavors, decreased cooking times and richer tastes. Organic plants enjoy the benefits of filtered water too: longer survival, greater resistance to disease and increased growth. 

optional upgrades

Customize Your Whole House Water Filter

Customize Your System with a Salt-Free Water Softener

Live in a home free of hard water and scale.

Salt-Free TAC Technology

uses innovative softening technology to naturally condition your water without the use of added sodium. 

Benefit from a water softener

that protects your home appliances and plumbing by reducing the adverse effects of excess iron and scale. In addition our softener is eco-friendly and it won’t put excess salt waste or chemicals into the water or our environment. 


Our softeners reduce the amount of scale and improve the quality of your home appliances.

Upgrade with UV Sterilight Filtration

For total protection against bacteria and chlorine resistant cysts consider upgrading your system with our powerful UV Filtration System. This high performance UV filtration protects against bacteria and viruses and works in conjunction with the sediment Pre-Filter and activated carbon filters in the Whole House Water Filter. A UV filter is tested and proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that may be present in tap or well water.

System at-a-glance

Whole House Water Filter
2 Optional

UV Filter & Sub-Micron Post-Filter

protects against bacteria and viruses and simultaneously removes impurities while sustaining healthy minerals.

1 Optional

Salt-Free Water Softener

Upgrade your Whole House Water Filter with a Salt-Free Water Softener to effectively reduce scale buildup. This add-on is easy to install with very low maintenance.

Targets Contaminants

such as chlorine, herbicides, industrial solvent, metals, pesticides, rust, sediment and silt.

Superior upflow filter design

targets chlorine, metals, pesticides, herbicides, rust, sediment, silt, and industrial solvents.

Simple to

install, maintain and replace.

Never requires

backflushing or drainage lines.


The Whole House Water Filtration System can be customized according to your specific water needs. Whatever your requirements – municipal, well, chloramines or dual manifold – we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and water filtration at exceptional prices!

Filter Butler offers house water filters that are manufactured and engineered to be the highest performing whole house water filters on the market. Should you have any questions or concerns about whether our water filters will work for you simply contact one of our specialists who can help you find the best water filtration system for your specific needs. We will offer you a solution that helps you to determine which type of water filtration system is right for your home and water supply, and we are confident that one of our solutions will exceed your expectations helping to filter out well water contamination, high chloramine levels, high arsenic, iron and many other impurities.

Custom Built systems also available

Should you have more advanced or specific water filtration needs, our water specialists can help you address heavy sediment, well water, chloramine-treated water and other specific water contaminants at an additional cost.

What's in your water?

Determining what water filtration system you need often depends on the type of contaminants in your water. If you are unsure how to purchase a system that is right for you we can help you take the necessary steps to determine the impurities in your water. Call us to learn more about setting up a water test.

Get Healthier Water Today by contacting one of our water specialists at (844) 234-5837.

Whole Home Water Filtration System

Product Specifications

Height: 46"

Length: 27"

Diameter: 9"

Weight: 27 lbs.

Rated Flow Rate: 7.0 gallons per minute

Capacity of Filter: 300,000 gallons or 36 months

Capacity of Pre-Filter: 1-3 months

How it works

The Filter Butler Whole House Water Filter helps to eliminate unwanted sediments, reduce chlorine, and other contaminants in your water.


Sediment Pre-Filter

captures rust, sediment and silt.


Activated Carbon Filter

removes contaminants and impurities by a process called adsorption, trapping pollutants in the carbon pores.



Copper-Zinc and Mineral Stone Filter

diminishes scale, water soluble heavy metals and chlorine while also preventing the development of bacteria and algae. The combination of copper-zinc and crushed mineral stone helps to remove these impurities from the water .

4 optional

Salt-Free Water Softener & Descaler*

While the water goes through the conditioning and softening process, the the structure of the hard minerals are altered into a crystal structure, which prevents the minerals from binding. The TAC Technology and whole process reduces scale build-up.

5 optional

Sub-Micron Post-Filter*

Organic and sediment particles are dramatically reduced after the water passes through the 0.35 post-filter.

6 optional

UV Filter*

Water passes through the UV filter to remove any remaining bacteria and viruses that could still be in the water.

* Optional Feature

Get the Best Water for the Ones You Love

Get the Best Water for the Ones You Love

Filter Butler Whole House Water Filtration Systems not only provide your entire home with clean, safe drinking water but they also help to improve the overall health of your whole family. By removing chlorine, the most common chemical found in your tap water, you will be avoiding its irritating effects to your eyes, nose, and stomach. Our water filters remove chlorine in addition to reducing other impurities like lead, PCBs, radon, pesticides and herbicides, and some volatile organic compounds.

The best way to protect you and your family from harmful contaminants in drinking faucets and other outlets is at the source. Our Whole House Water Filtration systems provide you with the peace of mind that you will no longer be getting exposed to 1,000’s of chemicals that may be in your water supply.

Take a breath of fresh air with your new Whole House Water Filter knowing that your family is getting the safest, cleanest and healthiest water from every outlet in your home and avoiding the risks that come from exposure to impure water.

The FB-300 Whole House Water Filtration System comes with a
30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

Easy Installation. Easy Replacement.

The Whole House system is easily installed with the help of a licensed plumber. Install the system where your water line enters your home – this is usually located where your hot water heater is located. System does not require electricity or back-flushing. The system comes with all the necessary instructions and installation components. We recommended installing it in an area that is free from extreme temperatures or direct sunlight and with access to proper drainage.

Maintenance: Your system will require minimal maintenance every 3-years or 300,000 gallons. Just replace the two main filter tanks and you’re good to go! To replace the tanks just shut off your water supply with the provided valve, detach the two main tanks (top and bottom tanks), and replace them with the new FB-300 tanks. The entire process takes just a few minutes.

1. How would I know if there are contaminants in my water?

Virtually all public water systems contain one or more contaminants. Water from your municipality is pre-treated to remove bacteria, viruses and common contamination sources.  To determine what actually reaches your particular water system, the only way of really knowing is to get it tested.  Water from a well on the other hand is untreated water from an underground aquifer. This water may contain higher traces of harmful chemicals like iron or sulfur.

2. Why are Whole House filters a good idea?

Whole House filtration systems are designed to filter the water at the point that it enters the home. This means that all subsequent water that enters the home will be safely filtered.

3. If I have hard water does that mean it is contaminated?

No. Hard water just means that your water has higher than average concentrations of dissolved minerals. In fact, most water sources in Canada would be considered “hard” yet are safe for drinking.

4. How does soft water differ from hard water?

Soft water has lower than average concentrations of dissolved minerals. Soft water is no safer or more dangerous than hard water although it can be considered soft and still contain contaminants.  Minerals in hard water can reduce the life of your appliances and contribute to scale development in your pipes.

5. Why are water softeners so popular?

Water softeners are designed to remove or reduce concentrations of calcium and magnesium from your water.  Because these dissolved minerals are lessened or completely removed the effects of hard water will be eliminated.  Many water softeners often contain a carbon filter that works in conjunction with the softener to remove chemicals. Softeners in and of themselves do not remove contaminants but these dual purpose systems are great for softening water and removing unwanted contaminants.

6. Why have I heard negative feedback about sodium-based water softeners?

Sodium-based water softeners mean that the water you are consuming has an increased concentration of sodium (salt). Water that increases your intake of sodium can lead to health problems, especially in individuals with sodium sensitiveness.  

7. What is the difference between the FB-300 and FB-1000?

Both the FB-300 and FB-1000 address the removal of chlorine in municipal water. The FB-1000 has an added 5 lbs. of carbonized coconut shell in the upper tank, plus two additional lbs. of KDF-55. It also contains premium brass components, a bypass valve for flushing water through the system and comes with a 10-year warranty on the tanks.

8. What is the standard sized home for the FB-1000?

Homes that are less than 3,500 sq. ft. and have 3.5 bathrooms or less should experience all the benefits the system has to offer. Homes that are larger may experience noticeable drops in water pressure and may need to get help constructing a custom system to match the appropriate water capacity in their home.

9. Can I install the system myself?

We kindly insist a licensed plumber help you to install the FB-1000 to ensure proper installation. Plumbers carry insurance and will be able to cover any damages that are sustained by a potentially faulty installation. Having a plumber install your system gives you the peace of mind that it will be installed correctly and that the installation is covered under their insurance plan. In addition, not having the system installed by a licensed plumber will void the warranty of the FB-1000.


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  • Affordable Monthly Rate*
  • Service and Maintenance Included
  • Annual Filter Replacements Included
  • Installation and Delivery Included 
  • Program Term of 5 years
  • Complimentary Bottling Kit

Rent starting at $49.95/month

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  • One Time Cost
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
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