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Whole House Water Filter


Whole House Water Filter
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starting at $2399.99
  • Reduces chlorine found in tap water 
  • Reduces other harmful water contaminants such as pesticides and metals
  • Improves air quality by removing chlorine from water which when heated is absorbed in the air you breathe
  • Reduces plastic water bottle consumption
Whole House Water Filter

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every faucet in your house has clean, safe, and great-tasting water. Get cleaner water, improved air quality, softer skin, and even better-tasting food rinsed and cooked with the water from your whole house water filter.

Salt Free Water Softener


Salt Free Water Softener
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starting at $2399.90
  • Innovative Salt-Free Softening Technology proven to reduce
  • Be free of scale, stains and spots on faucets, shower heads and glassware
  • Never lug around heavy bags of salt again
  • Easy to replace and lasts six years
Salt Free Water Softener

Get eco-friendly scale prevention for your entire house without the hassle and harmful effects of salt. Our Salt Free Water Softener reduces scale and extends the life of your plumbing and appliances and can even help reduce existing build up, prolonging the life of your home assets.

Under Sink Water Filter


Under Sink Water Filter
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starting at $439.99
  • Removes 97% of chlorine and chloramines
  • Reduces over 60 harmful water contaminants such as asbestos and pesticides
  • Removes traces of water odor
  • Improves water pH balance
Under Sink Water Filter

Provides superior water filtration from the convenience of your tap. Our filters are third party tested and certified to remove 97% of chlorine and chloramines. Our filtration technology available in all under sink water filters fuses several different filtration technologies to achieve industry leading performance.

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If you suffer from scale, rust, spots & stains on your faucets, showerheads and glassware we recommend our Salt Free Water Softener - independently tested and proven to reduce scale by 99.6%!

The Salt Free Water Softener inhibits future scale buildup and reduces existing scale buildup that may be in your pipes by 99.6%.

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Consider adding a Salt Free Water Softener to your Whole House Filtration System for ultimate water filtration results.

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