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1. Who is Filter Butler?

In attempts to make clean water easily accessible to people all over Canada and the United States, Filter Butler was started to guide home and business owners through the often confusing task of purchasing and installing water filtration systems.

2. Why Filtered Water?

Drinking water comes from lakes, wells, rivers and underground aquifers, leaving our water sources highly susceptible to contamination and high concentrations of chlorine. Municipalities only purify water to a small degree, and many of the impurities that should otherwise be avoided are slipping into our water supply. Additionally, these same municipalities add chlorine to treat our water and to disinfect it from the risks of waterborne diseases and to prevent microorganisms from contaminating the water. Chlorine is poisonous although small amounts have been approved in drinking water.

3. Should I be Avoiding Chlorine?

If you are drinking, bathing or cooking with municipal water it is almost impossible to avoid chlorine – unless you are purifying your water at the source (such as with a Whole House Water Filtration System). As explained above, municipal water has chlorine added to it to make it safer for drinking. However, there is evidence that chlorine is harmful to the body which is why there are restrictions of how much can be added to water. In Canada, Health Canada has established a guideline of 0.1 milligrams per liter. In the US, the proposed federal drinking water standard for chlorine is 4 parts per million (ppm). The long term health risks of chlorine in water are inconclusive but it is evident that if we can take measures to reduce its presence in our water, we should.

4. How Does Filtered Water Compare to Bottled Water?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) rated filtered tap water an “A” for purity in a recent water bottle purity test. The ratings for bottled water, the kinds we see on the shelves of our local grocers, ranged from “B” to “F.” In addition to consistently getting better grades than bottled water, the EWG cites that “bottled water can cost up to 1,900 times more than what flows from your tap.”

5. How Do I Protect My Water?

Filter Butler offers whole house water filtration systems that are installed where water enters the home. Because the water is filtered at the source, every tap in your home provides clean, purified water. This is important because our bodies consume water but also absorb it from showers or baths. When we take hot showers our pores open up, allowing more chemicals to be absorbed into our skin. In addition, the vapors that are produced from steamed water in the dishwater, laundry machines and shower can affect the air quality in the home. Filtered water throughout the home makes all of this water much cleaner and less harmful.

6. Do Filter Butler Water Filters Come with Softeners?

In addition to providing water filtration systems we also provide softeners that help to reduce the buildup of calcium within their pipes. These softeners do not automatically come with the water filter systems but we provide you the opportunity to purchase them. A Whole House water filter and a Salt Free Water Softener are suggested for home owners who want clean water and who also want to reduce the amount of calcium that builds up on the appliances and the pipes in their homes.

7. How Will I Know When to Change Out my Pre-Filter?

If you sign up for a maintenance plan you will automatically have pre-filters sent to your door when it is time to have them swapped out. These pre-filters can last up to two years depending on the amount of impurities that are in your water and where you live.

8. What Happens if I Move?

If you are considering moving, just notify us, and we will walk you through the necessary steps to help you transport your water filtration system and make note of where to send your pre-filters. Moving is not a problem and the transportation of Whole House Water Filters is as simple as if you were transferring a standard water heater.

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