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Shop online for Water Filters

Water Filters in Mississauga, Ontario

Shopping for water filters in Mississauga? is the place to browse and select a quality filter to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a filtration option for your entire house, or simply a purification water pitcher, Filter Butler has it all!

With knowledgeable and friendly customer service and support, we can help you research and select the right filtration option. We provide exceptional value, convenient purchasing and top quality filtration systems that are designed to remove 97% of chlorine from your tap water along with 98% of potentially harmful contaminants like pesticides and metals.

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Fun Facts About Water & Mississauga, Ontario

  • Mississauga lies on the shores of Lake Ontario
  • The primary river feeding Lake Ontario is the Credit River
  • Mississauga’s Celebration Square features a large ice rink that also serves as a fountain and wading pool during the summer months
  • The Mississauga Waterfront Festival takes place each summer at Port Credit Memorial



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