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Shop online for Water Filters

Water Filters in Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you’re shopping for water filters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Filter Butler is here to serve you!

Our NSA certified water filtration options include the whole house water filter, the salt free water softener, the under sink filter and our powered water filtration pitcher. Filter Butler provides Canadian residents with crisp, clear and delicious water anywhere in your home.

Help save the environment by substituting water bottles with a filter option in your home! Enjoy healthy, pure water in your home with convenient options from and sign up to our email newsletter (at the bottom of this page) for a 10% savings!

In the meantime, here are some fun facts about water and Winnipeg just for your entertainment…

Fun Facts About Water & Winnipeg

  • The name Winnipeg means “muddy waters” in Western Cree
  • Winnipeg lies at the fork of the Red River and the Assiniboine River
  • Total annual precipitation of rain and snow combined is just over 51cm
  • Winnipeg was the first city in Canada to hos the Pan America Games which include water polo, swimming and diving competitions

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