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Lead Center
Is there lead in your water? These facts about lead in your home's water may surprise you.
Visual guides to help you understand how water impacts your life and the world at large.
Clean Home Guide
Concerned about maintaining a healthy and clean home? Download our Clean Home Checklist and follow the tips in our guide to keep your home in order.
Homemade Water Filter Guide
Teach your kids about filtration and the water cycle in this fun and inexpensive at-home experiment. Use our printable guide for easy reference as you build your own water filter.
Quiz: The Water You Consume
Do you know how much water you consume? You might be surprised to find out how many gallons of water it takes to create the things we use every day. Take our quiz to learn more.
Lead: A Growing Concern
The rise of lead in drinking water in the U.S. and Canada has been a growing concern. Protect your home with our free guide.
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We installed our Filter Butler filtration system right after our first child was born. The difference in quality is simply remarkable and very evident when you see the amount of rust and contaminants the filter picks up. I highly recommend this product for any family
Oliver G
Exceptional product at an exceptional price. Filter Butler team is professional and a pleasure to deal with. We are 100% satisfied customers and would recommend Filter Butler to everyone.
Brian B
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